PASANG, A Documentary Film

PASANG Movie Website

PASANG, former working title The Glass Ceiling, tells the dramatic untold story of Pasang Lhamu Sherpa’s quest to become the first Sherpa woman to summit Mt. Everest. On April 22, 1993, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa finally reached the summit of Mt. Everest. Her controversial quest to claim the infamous peak sparked a nation-wide fervor when she disappeared on the mountain. An unprecedented and heroic mission to recover her body ensued. Her legacy continues to inspire generations of Nepalis who seek to push beyond traditional boundaries. SHERPANI tells the inspiring, dramatic story of Pasang’s struggle against – and victory over – astonishing obstacles.

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Zanta, A Documentary Film

Zanta is a dramatic, personal story of two women from radically different cultures coming together for the sake of a child. The film offers rare, intimate access to the values and world view of a 30-something woman from rural Tibet trying to negotiate between the cultural traditions of her rural village, and her desire to give her son a better life in one of the largest cities in China.

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